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When is the best time for fall family photos | Edmonton fall family photos open for booking

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Right now, it is my favourite time of year! Summer! It is long, hot summer days filled with ice sandwiches (my guilty pleasure) and iced coffee and working from my backyard office setup. It is relaxing to slip into the summer groove with the kids off school and not think of school routines and things like gymnastics practices. The one thing that I do get excited about, though is...


Summers slip by and fall will be right around the corner, so now is the time to book your family photos in Edmonton, so you don't miss out! September weekends are already fully booked, but we have lots of amazing days available!

Booking your session is super fast and easy, so you can focus on summer fun with your family! After all, we all know how short Edmonton summers are, and we need to soak up every moment of the sun! To book simply click the button below to select your date and follow the steps!

Have questions before you book about pricing or anything else? Take a peek at the website or contact us for your complete welcome guide.

I want to tell your family's story this fall! Playing in your backyard, escaping down the ravine on an adventure exploring, eating ice cream, running with your family dog. These are the essential parts that make your family unique. These moments are what I want to capture so you can remember them forever.

But wait! That isn't it, we have not one but TWO promotions going on for all you early birds who are ready to book your family photos now!

The first...Every family that books during JULY & AUGUST for the fall, will receive a complimentary set of standard holiday cards! And second...


Book your fall session during the month of July and be entered to win a $100 gift certificate* from Cloud Nine PajamasWant a second entry? Refer a friend, who also books a fall session for a bonus entry! *NO CASH VALUE, NON-TRANSFERABLE

Now let's talk about when is the best time in the fall for your photos! I get asked this question a lot! Edmonton fall changes very rapidly, and there is always a risk of sudden snow at any point (and it most often goes away just as quickly so don't panic!). After 12 years of photographing families in the fall, I can tell you from my experience that no matter the landscape or the location the single most important thing about your family photos is your family and your story, and we will tell that no matter where we are together or what it looks like outside or inside.

But, I still have some tips for when is the best time for fall family photos in Edmonton based on what the landscape looks like:

- Early September: It is often still very green, and temperatures often feel like summer.

- Mid-Late September: This is the time for peak fall colours! Rich warm yellows and golds!

- October: Typically by Thanksgiving weekend most of the leaves are gone, and Edmonton is the richest and warm monochromatic landscape! It is some of my favourites! The risk of moving into late October is the temperature can become can be cold or it can be warm. If you have little children something to consider.

- November: High probability of snow and cold, plus the sun sets much earlier as the days get shorter. Snow is pretty amazing for photos, so if you are adventurous and want snow in your portraits this might just be the time for you. It is also the month we host Holiday Mini's in the studio, with a festive setup, so always something to consider if you prefer to stay warm.

Whenever your photos are scheduled for, as your Edmonton family photographer, we will work together to create beautiful and timeless treasured memories. And, my promise to you is that you will all have fun! Husbands included ;). With over 12 years of experience specializing in lifestyle family photography, it would be my honour to document and tell your story. To see more of my portfolio you can hop over here. I also strongly believe that as a prospective client you should be able to see full galleries of real sessions so you are able to know what to expect from your portraits as well. If this is something that is of interest to me, send me a message and we can chat. I cannot wait to work with you.

Christy xoxo


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