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Home Sweet Home: Edmonton Family Photographer Shares How Photographing Kids At-Home Builds Connection

Parents do you have a little one who's a bit camera-shy? No worries—let's talk about why shooting them at home can be a total game-changer.

Family sitting on bed little boy jumping in air Edmonton lifestyle family maternity photographer

Think about it: cozy surroundings, familiar toys, and all the comfy feels of home. It's their safe space, which means they're way more relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

And guess what? Being in their own home lets them be themselves—no pressure, no awkwardness. Whether they're goofing around with siblings, or just chilling having a snack, the moments you capture are pure gold.

Father and son sitting at kitchen table at-home edmonton family photographer

Plus, shooting at home means you can snag those sweet family moments effortlessly. From cuddles with mom and dad to silly giggles with siblings, these photos are a memories of your everyday life. For this family, who is expecting baby number three, the photos tell the story of a moment in time filled with anticipation.

So, if you've got a shy kiddo, let this Edmonton family photographer come to you. You will be amazed at the magic I can capture in the comfort of your home. Trust me and my experience —it's the secret to those genuine smiles and heartwarming moments. 📸✨


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