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Building Memories Year by Year: The Power of the Same Photographer

Let's chat about something extraordinary—working with the same photographer year after year. You know, that feeling when you find a photographer who just gets your family? It's like finding your favourite cozy sweater—comfortable, easy, and totally your style.

Three kids cartwheel and jumping in downtown Edmoton

Getting comfy with the same photographer means your sessions are a breeze. Kids don't have to warm up to someone new; they can just be themselves. And that's when the magic happens—genuine smiles, playful antics, and all those little quirks that make your kids uniquely them? Yeah, those shine through effortlessly.

Each session becomes a chapter in your family's storybook. The more we work together, the better I as your family photographer get at capturing the real you. From shy glances to cartwheels and full-on belly laughs, these photos tell the tale of your family's journey!

With Austen, Violet, and Milo…I’ve remember Austen’s toddler days and the curls he used to have, I was there for Violet’s newborn photos, and so many cool adventures around Edmonton over the years!

So let's you and I also stick tougher! Let me get to know your crew inside out. Year after year, I’ll capture the chaos, the giggles, and the love, creating a visual scrapbook that's uniquely yours. Cheers to making memories that last a lifetime!

Christy xoxo


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