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Tess & Cam | Edmonton Blossom Maternity Photographer | Reasons to have maternity photos

Are you contemplating having a maternity photo session or not? Maybe you have some reservations about doing them, and I will be honest with you, you are not alone in those feelings. Many of my clients feel exactly the same, for so many reasons.

Want to know a secret? I never had maternity photos when I was pregnant with my first baby over 16 years ago, and it is something I regret to this day. It is a moment in time that I can't get back now that it is gone. There are only a handful of photos of me pregnant that first time in fact. I'll paint an image for you of the one that stands out the most in my memory. I'm standing in the basement, in my blue printed flannel pj pants, with my non-maternity navy blue tank top hiked up on top of my belly. I'm looking rather unimpressed at how huge my belly felt right before my due date. I remember feeling so overwhelmed about being on the brink of motherhood. Not exactly a photo I have printed on our gallery wall. Now, 16 years ago photography was a different landscape and maternity photography wasn't as common, so I use that to make myself feel a little better. Looking back on that time, I am a little sad I don't have more documented from that time in my life. Learning from myself, I made sure though that with my second and third babies that I opted to have maternity photos taken!

This is how I know as a mother and a photographer, why you need to have the maternity photos taken. Here are my top four reasons why:


You look amazing! You are growing a human being inside you. Stop and think about that for a moment. I know your body has changed shape, and isn't the same. I will guide you through your photo session, and show you your best self. I promise looking back on this you will see the beauty, even if right in the moment you don't.


As your baby grows up, they will love to see photos of your pregnant with them. My youngest daughter is so proud of the maternity photos I have of her. She knows that it is her in my belly! She knows and understands the love I had for her even before I met her.


It is a moment in time before your family story changes forever. Whether you are going from just the two of you, or from a family four to five, it will be different. It is a special time in your family story and deserves to be documented, celebrated and remembered.


You can't go back in time, shocking right ;). You will never regret having beautiful photos and artwork to remember this time as the years pass. Right now, I know these 9 months have felt like an eternity, you feel like your have been pregnant forever. All you want to do is see your feet, tie your own shoes, and walk up a flight of stairs without catching your breath. I promise soon you will. Your baby belly will soon be gone, and your arms full with your squishy newborn baby.

My job as your photographer, is to show you how beautiful you are. I will work with you every step of the way through your maternity photo session to put you at ease and help you have fun. I'm here to help you plan your session. From selecting the perfect location, maybe one you have a special connection too, to helping you decide what to wear. It is your story, and I want you to see the beauty and magic that I see.

Tess and Cam, during their maternity photos in the blossoms, were simply too much fun. Their love for each other, and their excitement was tangible. Now they snuggle at home with their beautiful baby girl and get to reflect back on the anticipation of this time.

If you love these spring blosoom maternity portraits, and are looking for an Edmonton maternity photographer, either for the spring or summer, I would love to begin planning your session with you. With over 12 years of experience specializing in lifestyle maternity, newborn and family photography, it would be my honour to document and tell your story. To see more of my portfolio you can hop over here . I also strongly believe that as a prospective client you should be able to see full galleries of real sessions so you are able to know what to expect from your portraits as well. If this is something that is of interest to me, send me a message and we can chat.

If you are interested in a custom, fun filled lifestyle maternity portrait session with Christy Wells Photography, and would like either more information or to reserve you 2021 date, lets connect. Simply click the contact button at the top and send me a message. Can't wait to hear from you!

Christy xoxo

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