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Jake | Edmonton family treehouse photos

Home is where the memories are made. Cookies and baked, bowls are licked, lego sets built with dad, puppies are played with, and if you have an epic backyard treehouse I guarantee many hours are spent there! We did so much together during my storytelling family photo session with Jake and his family. There were so many laughs and memories made, moments captured to look back on as the years start to pass. I honestly think he has the coolest treehouse in all of Edmonton, overlooking the ravine and with the rope to swing on! I can only imagine the adventure he has had.

Have you been thinking about the location for your fall family photos? Maybe nothing around Edmonton is grabbing your heartstrings. Stand in your home, take a deep breath, and look around slowly. Look out into your backyard, look to where your children play all the time. Can you see the story unfolding there? Let's connect, let's play together there. There are just a few September dates left open, grab one before they are gone.

Christy xoxo


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