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The Best Month for Fall Family Photos in Edmonton

When Edmonton's iconic river valley starts to turn vibrant hues of gold, it's without a doubt the perfect time for family photos. Fall is the most stunning backdrop for creating lasting memories, and but when Edmonton fall passes in the blink of an eye, choosing the right month, or even week, can make all the difference.

A family with three daughters standing a field with fall leaves
daughter on dad's shoulders in the fall

Why Fall is Ideal for Family Photos

Fall in Edmonton offers a unique charm with its crisp air, colourful foliage, and golden hour light like none other! As the days get shorter it is the golden hour of fall that gets this photographer especially excited! It is simply the perfect, soft, warm light that casts its magic over everything. The changing leaves take it to the next level as they create a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the stage for authentic family portraits.

The Best Month for Family Photos in Edmonton

But here is the deal...if you live in Edmonton you know fall is short! The landscape literally changes by the week and each 'stage' we will call it has their own appeal. So when is the perfect time? It ultimately is going to depend on what you want your portraits to look and feel like. When scheduling take into account what historically the landscape looks like. With that being said remember we do live in Edmonton and we can get snow randomly in September or if its the same as last year we had no snow in December! It's somewhat unpredictable.

Overall here is a general guide:

  • Early September: It is often still very green, and temperatures often feel like summer.

  • Mid-Late September: This is the time for peak fall colours that are perfect for family photos for vibrant family photos! Rich warm yellows and golds! Just like the featured story of Melody, Sophia, and Eleanor in this post.

  • October: Typically by Thanksgiving weekend most of the leaves are gone, and Edmonton turns into a rich, warm, and monochromatic landscape. It is some of my favourites! As we move into later October is the temperature can become more can be cold or it can be warm. If you have little children something to consider.

  • November: High probability of snow and cold. In addition the sun sets much earlier and the days are shorter. That means family photos will happen more in the late afternoon as opposed to the early evening. If there is snow, it is pretty amazing for photos. So if you and your family are adventurous and want snow in your portraits this might just be the time for you, however it is always important to consider if you have little kids they can get cold fast! And sometimes cold kids are unhappy kids. It is also the month we host Holiday Mini's in the studio, with a festive setup, so always something to consider if you prefer to stay warm.

Edmonton Fall family photo booking opens for the general public JULY 4th 2024. Past clients will have 48 hour advanced booking, starting July 2nd. What does this mean? Those prime September days are booked and gone FAST. So get our your fall calendars and plan now so you won't be disappointed later.

I cannot wait to be your Edmonton family photographer this fall! See you soon!

Christy xoxo


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