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Edmonton's Favourite Location for Family Photos | The Iconic Blue Bridge

I'm a little sad writing this post and reflecting on something that is no more....south Edmonton's iconic and rustic blue bridge.

I can almost guarantee if you are a long term client of mine, at least one photo session happened here! Honestly, its not just my clients either. On a busy fall weekend down at this location, you could easily cross paths with up to 20 other photographers.

This iconic bridge was over 100 years old! This past winter, it was taken down, and a new bridge is slowly being built in its place. I drive by it pretty much weekly and its been sad to see it change. It has allowed me to reflect though on all magical memories I have with my clients over the years down at this location.

Rosymary, Henry, and their parents were one of those incredible families that i got to adventure with on the most perfect fall evening! These tiny humans are so wonderful to photograph and bring me so much joy, simply because their joy and zest for life is contagious! It is always such an honour to photograph them (with their stuffies of course too!).

Now, one final note...even thought that blue bridge is gone, this location is still stunning and I'm sure the new bridge will be magical in a different way! So have no fear we will be back there once it is open to the public again! Stay tuned for updates!

Until then, lets find another amazing location to tell your me I have soooo many hidden gems ;). Lets book your session so once that snow melts and the green starts to emerge we are ready to go! If you live in Edmonton and surrounding areas, and are looking for an experienced family photographer, who focuses on a luxury relationship-driven experience, to tell your story, I would love to meet and work with you. Let's connect, I would love to chat with you.

Christy xoxo


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