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Zola | Newborn photographer Edmonton

I am often asked what is my favorite type of session to shoot, because I know I photograph a variety of people in all parts of their lives. Weddings, newborns, family, boudoir...honestly my answer will probably depend what I'm photographing the moment you ask me. I love each and every thing I photograph, but I do have a soft spot for every newborn that walks through the doors of my studio. So special and unique, each with their own little personalities. Newborns are what started my passion for photography. Now it has been 10 years that I have been in business photographing them if you can believe it! I didn't start with a studio, or all the props I have now. I used to load up my little SUV with my giant bean bag, and travel to my clients home's. I did that for two years, I've now had my home studio for 8 years, and it's the perfect space. It's small and cozy, but the perfect place for Mom and Dad to relax. It has all my props you get to choose from, like my favourite antique bucket. My studio really is my happy place in my house. You should come and visit and let me take beautiful photos of your baby while you are there ;).


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