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The Importance of Timing: When is the Best Time for Newborn Photos?

Oh this question comes up all the time in the photography industry among newborn photographers. And, I won't lie but it can be a little bit of a spicy topic!

The standard recommendation in the photography industry is to schedule your newborn photoshoot within 5 to 10 days after the baby's birth which means photographers like it when you secure your booking well in advance during the second trimester. The reason for the 5-10 days is often said to be because newborns tend to sleep more in the first few days; they still have that adorable curled-up position, and photographers can plan their schedule in advance. However, call me a rebel, but I don't entirely agree with this approach. I believe that scheduling your baby's photoshoot should be more flexible and convenient for new moms.

In my experience, the best time for you schedule your newborn photos is whenever you are ready.

Baby will still sleep and be curly past those first 10 days. Evelyn here was 16 days for her photos and simply a dream! In the past I've worked with babies who are 3, 4, even 5 weeks old. We always create beautiful memories for you to cherish. So don't let the industry standard discourage or scare you away from booking newborn photos.

Yes, some of my clients book months in advance, some book a week or two before the baby is born and we can get them scheduled right away. But, some client's book AFTER their baby has arrived. Every mom's journey to motherhood is unique, and their experiences during pregnancy, birth, and those first few days and weeks can be filled with many different emotions. It's completely okay if you don't decide you want newborn photos until after your little one has arrived, which means your baby is a little older and your photo session a little later. Alternatively, you might need more time to recover after your birth experience, which means your baby is also a little older. If you contact me after your baby has arrived, I always do my best to try and fit you into the studio.

However old your baby is for their newborn photos, I promise we will create the most special portraits that tell your family's story! If you are in Edmonton, and searching for an Edmonton newborn photographer, and you are ready to book your newborn photos, I would love to chat with you. Send me me a message and lets talk.

Christy xoxo


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