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Xander | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Big sisters are simply the best when it comes to loving their newborn baby brothers in the studio. Brynlee snuggled Xander, and gave him kisses, and a couple of silly faces for the camera just to keep it interesting too ;). It is hard to image that I photographer her as a newborn 5 year prior to the arrival of little Xander. I'll tell you a a photographer nothing means more to us when you trust us again to photograph baby number two (or three or four). It means you trusted me with your newborn baby not once but twice, and you trusted me to document your memories. Thank you to Mom from the bottom of my heart for this.

Now without further adieu, since I know everyone reading this is dying to see how cute this little man was, I present Xander. Trust me when I say you need to scroll down and see Brynlee and her goofy faces she gave me! Simply the best!

Christy xoxo


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