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The K Family | Edmonton extended family photographer

Surrounded by her sons, and their growing families, Raylene and her family laughed and played all through their session. Her grandkids brought their special blankets with them, she brought bubbles for everyone to play with, and when they were cold there were snuggles to keep them warm. We all laughed and played, and told their family story together at this time.

There was a point in my career where, when asked if I photograph extended families, I would say 'no'. Quite frankly, bigger groups can be intimidating to work with. Now, after years of experience, I work with a lot of extended families! It’s something as a photographer I love more than anything! Often there is an important milestone tied to extended family photos, such as a to 50th wedding anniversary or a special birthday like 65! Sometimes they tend to be more formal with all the different combinations of family members, and I know how important those photos are! But there is also the in-between moments, and those are the photos that always speak to my heart as an artist, and the ones I love most! Raylene's session was filled with so many special moments like that!

Has your extended family done photos together before? Do your kids have photos with their Grandparents? Maybe we should talk ;)

Christy xoxo


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