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Pheap | Edmonton maternity photographer

There is something incredibly special about maternity photography. There is an anticipation, an excitement that hangs in the air. I always liken it to the same feelings a child has on Christmas Eve, as they wait for Santa to arrive. You don't know exactly what is coming, but you are so excited! It does not matter either, if it is baby number one, two or is always just as special.

With Pheap and her family, this was baby number three. Pheap is the owner of Palates Kitchen, and teaches cooking lessons in Edmonton to both children and adults. I have been privileged to photograph this family over the years starting from the start of their family's story when they were expecting Lilianna, and then when they welcomed Graeyson too. This time their maternity photos, were not just about celebrating the baby that would soon make them a family of five, but also about remembering and telling the story about how they were still a family of four for just a little while longer. We had so much fun together, we laughed we played. Kids are unpredictable at the best of times, especially when there is a camera pointed at them, and constantly make me laugh. Those are my favourite things to photograph and document!

Since I love maternity photography so much, and you are expecting this summer, I have a maternity special for you! Trust me it is too good to miss, so send me a message and let's chat!


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