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Pam + Mike | Edmonton fall lifestyle maternity photographer

"Story speaks to our true language of emotion."

~ Brené Brown

My purpose as your photographer is to be your storyteller. Since the day I stepped behind the lens years ago, that was always my primary intention. Every time I lift the camera to my eye, I strive to capture emotion in the photographs I create, because that is the part that tells your unique story! I heard Brené Brown speak the words above today as I listen to her podcast. My breath caught in my throat as I heard the words and they resonated deep within me. They reminded me at my core why I'm a photographer. How I see things like laughter and love, and why I create the photographs in the way I do.

My time with Pam and Mike in the fall, was one of those emotion filled, magical afternoons. There was laughter, joy (their kitty), and also an element of electric excitement in the air! That is my favourite part of it all! It is what I love experiencing and photographing between two people who are about to embark on the next phase of life together, as they enter the realm of parenthood for the first time. Pam and Mike welcomed my into their home to start their maternity photos. I am always honoured when I get the privilege of being in such a special place, a place they will bring their baby home to, and where they start their next chapter as a family. Of course though since it was fall in Edmonton, we also took advantage of the gorgeous outdoors, explored outside. Our entire time together we talked, we connected, and I told their story. Thank you both for trusting me.

Christy xoxo


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