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Oliver | Are family photos included with my newborn photos?

Good afternoon Edmonton! Have you ever seen such an adorable little man and his family!?! Oliver brought his entire family with him to his newborn photo session. Including his very proud big brother, Jack. Oliver, slept like a dream during his session, which now must seem ironic to his Mom, because I don't think he slept much in the months following. She was a super Mom though, and you could find her and Oliver teaching Mommy and Me barre classes weekly at Studio B. (You can still catch this amazing lady on the mic there, just without Oliver now ;) )

When potential clients are researching, and talking to different Edmonton newborn photographers, I'm often asked if family and sibling photos are included in newborns sessions. The answer is without a doubt YES! In my opinion, those are some of the most important images, and memories we capture. Look at how small Oliver is in the hands of his Mom and Dad, he will never again be that tiny, and looking back at photos helps us to remember this. Especially after sleep-deprived months of having a new baby. So bring your children, even bring Grandma! My home-based newborn studio is cosy (just a fancy way of saying small there, let's be honest lol), but it is filled love when everyone is there!

If you have more questions about what is included with your newborn photos let me know in the comments below, or send me a message, and we will feature it in the future!

Christy xoxo


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