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Newborn Series: The Combo Photography Session - Studio + At-home lifestyle

Meet Margot. She came to visit me in the newborn studio when she was only a few days new. She slept like a dream, while her Mom and I chatted. It was a perfect, relaxing afternoon. Waiting at home for Margot though was her big sister Sloane and Daddy, so a couple of days later I went to visit them all to complete Margot's newborn portraits.

Sloane, who I also photographed as a newborn, was a little shy at first but quickly warmed up and I promise we were best friends by the time I left. She was so proud of her baby sister!

I think of all the types of newborn sessions, these combo sessions, where we start in the studio for posed photos of the baby only and then I come to your home a few days later, are probably my absolute favourite. They are the best of everything altogether. They are especially ideal if you have older siblings that would be more comfortable at home, nursery decor you would like to feature, and simply want all the moments of your story documented for years to come. You guys know me, I love telling those stories for you ;)

The beauty of the combo session too is you still have access to all my newborn photography props and then all the elements of your home to really personalize things.

As an Edmonton photographer with over 13+ years of experience specializing in newborn photography, I know how precious your newborn baby memories are. If you would like more information about a combo studio and at-home newborn session send me a message and let's chat.

Christy xoxo


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