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Newborn Photos in the Studio | Edmonton Photographer

Ten perfect tiny fingers and toes. A little button nose and perfect little lips. As a parent you forget how small they start. How their fingers barely wrap around your pinky and they way they curl up in your arms. The days pass one at a time, some with more sleep than others. Before you know it they are taking sitting, taking first steps, and then they are off on adventure after adventure. You don't realize the moments are gone until it is too late.

All those tiny details and moments are the heart of my business and why I choose newborn photography to specialize in so long ago. It was something close to my heart, that created art and memories to last. Every time I am in the studio with a newborn tiny human, I know I have the most incredible job in the world.

If you live in Edmonton and surrounding areas, and are looking for a newborn photographer, I would love to meet and work with you. Let's connect, I would love to chat with you.

Christy xoxox


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