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Melissa | Edmonton Maternity photographer | What to wear

Melissa was stunning during her maternity photos! We had perfect Edmonton golden light, that in the fall that we blessed with. And, I have to admit, I had major hair envy! How can you blame me? The way it caught the light made her look angelic, with her perfect maternity bump! She and Jason also brought their puppies to play during their session, and oh my goodness! You need to see these sweethearts! Please, everyone, bring all of your puppies to your photo sessions...whether that is maternity or family!

I'm often asked what to wear for maternity photos? My clients typically opt for a lifestyle approach to their outfits. I also say if you can't decide, bring multiple outfits, and I will help choose, as well we can change partway through. Melissa nailed it though with her wardrobe! I loved the colours she wore, and how it worked with the landscape of Edmonton fall.

Here though are my number one tips for what to wear during your maternity photos are:

1. Wear something you are comfortable in! - This is the most important. There is nothing worse than jeans that dig into the wrong places.

2. Think layers. - In the fall adding a scarf or long sweater adds dimension and interest to your photos.

3. Clothing that hugs and showcases your beautiful bump! - That is why we are here after all! To photograph and document this stage of your pregnancy. It might be a dress, or shirt...whatever speaks to you.

You can see more inspiration for what to wear, as well by looking through the maternity gallery.

I am also asked often if I have maternity gowns to borrow for your photoshoot. At this time, I do not have gowns available. If you are local to Edmonton and looking to rent I recommend The Photographer's Studio has gown rentals. Otherwise, I direct my clients to Amazon (I mean we all know they have everything!) or sites like Peekkabo. They have so many gorgeous gowns! It almost makes me want to have another baby, just so I can have more photos done....almost ;). My question for you today though, is a maternity gown closet something that you are interested in seeing me provide? Leave a note in the comment and let me know!

Christy xoxo


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