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Inaya | Edmonton newborn photographer | What if baby doesn't sleep?

Meet Inaya. When she came to visit the newborn studio for her photos, sleep was the furthest thing from her mind. There was too much excitement, and she didn't want to miss a beat! I can't really blame her though. When that happens, and baby doesn't want to sleep, we simply go with that flow in the studio.

I know so many parents are worried before their session about 'What if baby doesn't sleep?'. The truth, sometimes they don't sleep right away, sometimes they sleep then wake-up and then sleep again, and in a few circumstances they don't sleep at all. Although the latter is very rare, and in the hundreds of babies I've photographed over the last 12 years, I think I've only had maybe one or two that never slept even for just a moment. I have my little newborn photographer secrets that soothe them and can help them to sleep too (that's the experienced and trained professional coming through there). But, the thing is each and every newborn photography session is unique, just as unique as your baby is. Your baby gets to lead the way from the moment they step into my studio. They are the boss, and I'm simply there to document them in all their perfect fresh new baby glory. Capturing memories, that will take you back to those first few days, when you baby was fresh and new.

As we look to 2021, newborns in the studio are booking up. The COVID-19 baby boom is a real thing lol. January and February have 3 spaces each, and March is down to one remaining space! If you are in Edmonton area and have questions, shoot me a message and we can chat.

Christy xoxo


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