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Class of 2024 | Grad photos in Edmonton

Graduating high school is a huge milestone! It's time to celebrate all you have accomplished over the last 13 years and what a better way that something uniquely for you.

Unlike traditional grad portraits, a lifestyle photo shoot allows you to infuse your personality and uniqueness into every shot. It let's you remember your grad dress in all it's glory! It gives you the power to infuse you into your photos whether its by doing your photo shoot at your favourite spot in Edmonton, wearing an outfit that represents you, or mixing in hobbies and interests that have defined your journey.

Grad photos in Edmonton at Alberta legislature

Plus, lets be honest it gives you amazing photos to share on your TikTok or Snapchat with your friends and when you print off photos for Grandma and Grandpa it's way cooler than that cringy cap and gown photo with the fake roses ;).

So let's celebrate! Let's create stunning Grad photos in Edmonton together that you'll cherish for years to come. Book your session today and let’s capture your unique story!

Christy xoxo


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