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Edmonton Maternity Photographer | Winter wonderland

I've decided that I am just going to keep on sharing some of my favourite winter sessions over here! Maybe it is because almost all of the snow has melted in Edmonton, and I kind of miss it now? Could that be it? Nah that can't be! This past winter, and all the freezing cold temperatures that the polar vortex brought, is still too fresh in my mind! It was a tough one, that saw my and my kids hibernating inside most days, not able to take part in some of our favourite winter things-to-do like skating and tobogganing. I'm ready to move on though now, and for activities like planting the garden and hitting up the playground!

Still though, you can't deny how incredibly beautiful a fresh snowfall is for photos! I might have froze slightly, but every single time I will tell you it is worth it! This time, the pure white snow, and the buffalo plaid...this photographer was in heaven!


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