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Chelsea | Snowy maternity photos Edmonton

A warm winter day in February, the temperature just below zero. In Edmonton that is basically shorts and t-shirt weather at that time of year! Chelsea and Eric, on the cusp of becoming parents, laughed and danced, through their maternity photos with me. We climbed hills through the forest, waded through deep snow, and found the most amazing golden light, all in the heart of Edmonton, in a simpler pre-COVID-19 time.

The joy and anticipation are why I love maternity so much, it is just so simple and pure. Sometimes, as a Mommy-to-be, you are so busy getting ready for baby, or maybe you simply didn't have an easy pregnancy and it was physically more than you expected. For those reasons and so many more, it can feel like a bit of a blur near the end. Then as soon as your baby arrives the focus shifts to your new little human. Those baby bumps though are the beginning part of your family's story. Document them, cherish them. Don't forget them.

Christy xoxo

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