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Camryn | Edmonton family photographer

Early fall golden light in Edmonton, plus the most adorable little family! Camryn was just the cutest one year old to photograph, with her little blonde curls! Together with Mom and Dad, they laughed, giggled, read a book, took a ride on Daddy's shoulders, and just explored as their puppy kept up company too!

I love telling stories with my photography. Photographing not only those big smiles but the details and moments in between. How she grabs onto Mommy's hand, her still chubby baby fingers as she turn the pages of her favourite book, her giggles as Daddy runs when she is on his shoulders, the baby whisps of her curls around her ears. Each detail, each moment, each photograph I make are unique to them, to their story. Their details that will change over time, but these ones now will last forever each time they look back at these photos and remember.

What is your family's story right now? Life flies by, the last few months as we navigate a new world, one that has forced us to slow down in many ways, we get a chance to reevaluate and refocus on your family. As we pause, you may ask yourself, when was the last time you had your family's story told through photographs? I have spaces through July and August open for families right now. Edmonton fall photo booking for 2020 will open min-July. Spaces are limited, and I would love to tell your story. For more info, send me a message and let's chat.

Christy xoxo

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Unknown member
Oct 18, 2021

I enjoyed reading your blog, thanks

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