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3 Tips for Successful Newborn photos

Congratulations! Your new baby has arrived, and that means it is time to capture all those precious tiny newborn details before they start growing too fast! The question of if you should book newborn photos is a personal preference, but if you want to capture those first few days when your baby is sleepy, curly, and can fit in your hands then newborn photos are for you. Below we have some top tips for a successful newborn session.

1) Pre-book your newborn photos before your baby is born

We all know that babies have their own timing, rarely arriving right on their due date. So while we don't book a specific date for your photos until they are born, within them being 5-14 days old, it is a good idea to book during your third trimester. Why? Well, I only take a certain number of babies each month, and I schedule these based on due date. Sometimes I can fit in last-minute bookings after the baby has already arrived but depending on the time of year, and how full the calendar is, I can't always say yes. Plus it makes it less stressful for you after baby has arrived as you aren't frantically trying to find a newborn photographer.

2) What to bring to your session at the studio

Bring all the essentials for your baby, including diapers, wipes, an extra bottle if you are bottle-feeding, and clothes. For yourself, an extra change of clothes (poop happens sometimes), snacks and something to drink, and maybe a book to read. What you don't need to worry about is being props for your session, such as headbands or hats, blankets, and baskets. We have a fully stocked studio with everything that you need and you get to select from everything as we customize your session to you. Now, if there is something special you want to incorporate into your session, then YES bring it and we will work it in. For example, Charlotte's mom brought these beautiful pearls we incorporated into her photo session.

3) Sleeping, Eating, and Patience

Every client receives my newborn prep guide. In it, we talk about how to prepare the morning of your session which includes tips about giving your baby a bath, letting them nap, and feeding them. There's a delicate balance to it all, and after photographing hundreds of newborns over the past 13 years, I have a few helpful suggestions based on past experience with clients. Sometimes of course despite all the prep work, your little one has other plans and simply doesn't want to sleep right away (or at all sometimes!). When we are in the studio together patience is our best friend. Don't worry if your baby isn't sleeping, I have all the patience in the world! Plus, if baby is awake it also lets us get some gorgeous awake photos as well, which is always a favourite of parents.

My goal is for your newborn photography experience to not only be relaxed but also to create memories to last a lifetime. Communication is really important to me with my clients, and I walk you through the entire process so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Ready to book your newborn baby photography session? If you are in the Edmonton area I can't wait to hear from you! Message me through the contact form and let's chat!

Christy xoxo


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