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Whyte ave and Ice cream, an Edmonton family photo adventure

They are a busy family of four, like many. Together they stay active skiing, biking, playing squash, or even just tossing a frisbee around. Luckily for this photographer, they also love hanging out in one of my favourite areas of Edmonton, Whyte Ave, and eating ice cream. Much easier for me to keep up with them and make photos of their story there, than with them racing down a ski hill towards me lol. Our time together was the most perfect late summer evening, filled with glorious golden light. It was Rhona and Arran's suggestion that we get ice cream during their family photos, and I have to agree it was the best idea ever!

As your children grow, and hit those teen years, as a parent things get even busier. I know of all your Mommas of little ones under five that might not be what you want to hear right now lol. But it's a different type of busy I promise. Your children become independent in so many ways, but still, need you at the same time. I'm far from one to give parenting advice, and this is definitely not a parenting blog, my only words of wisdom are to still take photographs. Please don't stop. Take photos with your own camera or phone, and when you are ready to book a professional session lets talk, as it's probably been a few years since you last had one if you are like my family. Together, let me tell your story how it is right now, because you will want to look back and remember these days just as much as those ones when they were fresh newborn babies.

Booking for fall family photos, September and October, in the Edmonton area opens July 17th. I can't wait to see your family!

Christy xoxo


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