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Top 3 Reasons you should do your family photos at the playground

The weather in Edmonton this past week has been unseasonably warm, with temperatures above zero and snow melting everywhere. It feels like spring! Even though every Edmontonian knows its only January and that is impossible! Winter is coming back still.

It all has me thinking of spring, and dreaming of green leaves, sunshine, and time at the playground. In fact it has inspired me to give you your top three reasons we should visit the playground during your family photo session!

1) Your kids want to MOVE and PLAY! An hour long session can be tough for little people to sit still for (although not the my sessions ever involve much sitting still...we are always playing games lol). But directing their energy towards a playground brings a guaranteed smile to their face!

2) deserve to play too! Honestly, stop and think when was the last time you play with your kids and just let go and had fun? This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your inner child as well. I promise it feels good ;)

3) There is a very specific window in a child's life where playground play such a big role. Before you know it, they lose interest in them (I'm speaking from my own lived experience here). Document it so you can remember it as the years pass.

Of course we can add other locations to your session as well. Lets start at your home or the green space nearby! Our entire time together will be an adventure!

Are you convinced yet? Lets book your session so once that snow melts and the green starts to emerge we are ready to go! If you live in Edmonton and surrounding areas, and are looking for an experienced family photographer, who focuses on a luxury relationship-driven experience, to tell your story, I would love to meet and work with you. Let's connect, I would love to chat with you.

Christy xoxo


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