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The greatest compliment you can give a photographer

Do you want to know the greatest compliment you can give a photographer?

It is really very simple.

It when you hire us again and allow us the honour of photographing your family and telling your story!

Plus, you deserve more than an ordinary photographer experience.

My business is built on a luxury, relationship-driven, and custom photography experience which is designed specifically to your family. That means when I see your family again, year-after-year, that relationship grows, and it's like catching up with old friends while your children feel more relaxed, have more fun, and that means you do to!

Once you are a member of the Christy Wells Photography family, you automatically receive exciting perks as well, like membership to our legacy program and early access to booking exciting events like limited edition mini sessions.

I cannot wait to have your join our family!

If you live in Edmonton and surrounding areas, and are looking for a family photographer to tell your story, I would love to meet and work with you. Let's connect, I would love to chat with you.

Christy xoxox


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