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The G Family - Winter family photographer in Edmonton

It had been over twenty years since this family last had family photos done! Mom, Cheryl, brought them all together again and made it happen, Grandma included! As a Mom, I understand how important to her this was. Our children grow up so fast, and turn into adults who move away from home, like the blink of an eye. Yet somehow to us Moms, there is a part of them that is froze in time as the same little people that we held in our arms, and took care of as toddles. We remember it like it was yesterday, except now we simply get more sleep normally ;).

It was truly my joy to spend an afternoon with this family outside. The winter weather in Edmonton was delightfully warm, and that golden light was break taking. The highlight though was their laughter and hearing their story. Memories were made as we walked around, and joy was found in the moments. I think one of things 2020 gave us (and I know it threw so much at us) is it reminded us the sheer importance of family and being together. Thank you to this family for finishing off my 2020 on such an incredible high.

Christy xoxo


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