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How to Celebrate your First Birthday with Cake

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

There is something magically special about turning one and celebrating your first birthday. A lot of the time your first birthday though is filled with a special 'first'....cake! It's new, it's different, it's sweet and sticky. No matter what it's an adventure!

Reid did not hold back on his cake smash! It made for some amazing memories for all of us and some epic photos!

As a photographer and memory-maker for you, my approach to cakesmash photos is simple, classic and modern. A modern seamless background, in your choice of neutral colour, with just simply decor, maybe balloons or a banner. Why? I want the focus to be on your little one and their experience as they explore that cake more than anything.

If you are in Edmonton or surrounding areas and looking for a cakesmash photographer, let's chat. As an Edmonton photographer with over 13+ years of experience specializing your family memories, I know how precious they are. If you would like more information about cake smash photos in the studio send me a message and let's chat.

Christy xoxo


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