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M Family | Edmonton Photographer

Do you have children over 8 years old? Maybe teenagers? Pause for one moment, and ask yourself when did you last have family portraits done? Was it not long after your little one started walking? Or maybe when baby number two joined your family. My guess is at some point after that, there is a gap…a period of time where our kids don’t seem to change as quickly, and life becomes busy with activities. That is the phase I’m in with my children, and I will confess, I’m guilty of the same. As I stop and look at my kids, and as I meet my amazing clients, I am reminded how important it is to continue to document those kids and adolescent years. They slip between our fingers all too fast, and it is so wonderful to have the memories to reflect on in years to come.

So I encourage you, book your family photos for this fall! If you are in Edmonton, I would love to work with you. There is still time to take advantage of the ‘EARLY BOOKING PROMO‘ and receive a complimentary set of holiday cards as well! September dates are limited already, so don’t delay and contact me today


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