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Elise & Owen | Backyard lifestyle family photographer Edmonton

Home is where the heart is, and where childhood memories are made. Backyard adventures The backyard is where my adventure with Elise and Owen started! Laughing, throwing fall leaves, bubbles, kicking soccer balls, climbing trees....the adventures didn't stop and neither did the laughter and the giggles.

One of the most perfect locations for your family photos, might be just steps from your home. It plays a special role already in your family story, so why not officially document it. Plus when I come there, it has the added benefit that it's a space your children feel comfortable with already. This means they get to jump right into having fun and playing with me, even if they are on the shy side at first. My time with Elise and Owen, exploring their backyard, was magical and fills this photographers heart!

Christy xoxo


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