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Alexandra & Eliah | Downtown Edmonton urban family photographer

Edgy, and stylishish are the perfect words to describe this family, and downtown Edmonton was the perfect backdrop for them! Family photos doesn't always have to be in a field, or ravine. Edmonton has so many unique and interesting options! No matter how interesting though, sometimes when you are two years old, family photos isn't exactly something you understand. New place, strange photographer with a big might feel a little unsure. Maybe you don't exactly feel like smiling. That is why we play lots! Hide-and-seek, playing with rock, me embarrassing myself making all kinds of strange noises, running, and of course seeing how high Dad can throw you! It is always fun in the end, and I promise your little ones will warm up and love me ;).

Also a little side note, we won't talk about how many years ago this session actually was. We will talk about how amazing this family is! I've photographed them a couple of times since this session took place, and every time I see them it is like catching up with old friends. I've been lucky to see the kids grow over the years, and now our kids all go to the same school! So we get to see each other at fun activities like the school glow dance lol!

I hope to meet your family soon!

Christy xoxo


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