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3 Common Questions about Extended family photos in Edmonton | The G Family

Your whole family is together...Grandpa and Grandma (or Po Po, Amachi, and Oma), moms, dads, aunties, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins...EVERYONE!

You want to remember this moment. You want to celebrate you all being together for maybe the first time in a few years thanks to COVID-19. Maybe there are new babies in the family, maybe someone has a milestone birthday, or special anniversary. Or maybe, its just because.

No matter the reason, its a perfect reason!

Here are three common questions I receive about Extended family photos in Edmonton, to help you on this adventure.

1) We love your candid style, but also want some posed portraits, do you do both?

Absolutely yes! I will capture all those moments of laughter and love that tell your family story, while making sure to also get those important formal portraits that stand the test of time as well. Extended family photos are a mix of everything. We talk in advance to make sure I know all the important details you would like photographed.

2) We have a really big extended family, can you fit all 20+ of us?

The answer is yes! I LOVE working with big families, and I have worked with some large extended families over the years. I know that when everyone is all together is might seam a little chaotic, but I have the experience you can trust. I have a system that keeps things in order but still allows for lots of fun and laughter. I also have this magical superpower of making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed so it doesn't really feel like you are having your photos taken all the time ;). The best part about extended family sessions with me, is sessions fees are a flat rate and not charged based on the number of people in your family.

3) What to wear?

The biggest question, I always get asked is 'what do we wear?'. I always suggest of thinking of everyone's outfits all put together as one big outfit! Pinterest can be a good source of inspiration to start. Normally I suggest, choosing a colour and a neutral as your base an have everyone build from there. I'm always here to answer questions, help style, and narrow down choices! Still feel overwhelmed? I have local stylists that I can recommend to help you through the process.

But here is the big question I have for you...Which generation did the human pyramid the best!

With over 13 years of experience specializing in lifestyle family photography in Edmonton, it would be my honour to document and tell your story. To see more of my portfolio, you can hop over here. I also strongly believe that as a prospective client, you should be able to see full galleries of real sessions so you can know what to expect from your portraits. Booking for fall portraits can be done online:

If you have more questions about anything, send me a message, and we can chat. I cannot wait to work with you and your family.

Christy xoxo


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