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The H - Family - Family Photos in -30 winter in Edmonton

Since we are still in the middle of a deep freeze here, I'm just going to fully embrace it, and keep blogging snowy winter sessions. For those of you not from Edmonton, currently, we have been living in the middle of extreme cold temperates for the past week. What does that look mean? Well, temperatures have dipped close to -40C overnight, and with the windchill at into the -50C. It has warmed up slightly, and as I type this, it is currently -27C but with the wind feels like -38C. What amazes me the most about these temperatures, is how strong this City of Champions is. We bundle up, and then bundle up some more, and go about our day. We still send our kids to school, go to work, and stop at the barre studio on the way home to workout. The cold doesn't stop us for the most part in this city or Alberta in general. Although apparently it was cold enough that the penguins at the Calgary Zoo had to be brought inside! Even for family photos, we don't stop sometimes!

This session was a couple of years ago now, but it was about -30C when I meet this family on their acreage outside of Edmonton. Now, I don't recommend taking out your little ones in temperatures like that, but these were all grownup kids, and we were able to work quickly. Plus we had hot chocolate inside midway through, to warm up our hands. It was cold, and snowy and absolutely stunning on this day! As for today, I'll be tucked inside staying warm, and I hope you will be too!

Christy xoxo


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