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Rui & Mom | Edmonton Photographer Summer Family

So I will tell you a secret, and if you have followed this blog and my work for any length of time, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Here it is…I’m not a writer! My high school teacher and university English professor would be able to share documents that support that too, lol. Every time I share a session, I struggle to find words to match the feelings I have when I look at the photos that were created. I never seem to be able to articulate the fun and the magic that happened during the session, and how truly wonderful my clients are, while other photographers seem to be able to write beautiful eloquent paragraphs with ease.

But I’m not other photographers. I am me. So I chose to let the photographs I create tell the story instead. Each moment I capture, each photo I create is a piece of your unique story. So with that here is the story of Rui and his Mom. You can feel the love between them, and the fun we had together.

I want to tell your story as well! Are you in the Edmonton area, message me here so we can talk. I will also be in Kelowna B.C from July 13th - 18th. If you are in Kelowna, I have a couple of spaces open for family photography sessions and would love to meet you.


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