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Lynnea's 7th Birthday Party: Unicorn Magic

For those that follow me on Instagram, you might know that Lynnea's birthday falls on December 30th. It's such a busy time of year with Christmas activities, and then New Year's that I tend to delay her birthday celebrations with friends until the New Year. The struggle is real though getting back into a routine in January, and suddenly it's February and I'm still trying to organize things and survive the hockey season as well. It was well into late February before this party got organized and we celebrated!

This year Lynnea was very adamant about a few things with her party. The first that it was a Unicorn party, and that she and her friends got to decorate cupcakes! So we set out planning her Unicorn magic 7th birthday party. For me, it was a challenge having a party for one of the kids at home, because having all winter babies, we normally look for a venue outside the home like an indoor play park or art studio. I searched Pinterest for ideas, and found the inspiration for our Unicorn dreamcatchers, we played Pin-the-horn on the unicorn, and then, of course, everyone decorated cupcakes! The cupcake decorating might have been the messiest my kitchen table has ever gotten but it was so much fun!

I think my favourite part though of her entire Unicorn birthday party, was her unicorn cake. It was made, with an incredible amount of love, by Lilly and her best friend. The two spent hours baking, icing and decorating together, as my kitchen was filled with laughter. It would not have been more perfect!

I feel like this was probably the most over the top birthday party I've done for one of my kids in a long time! At least for this simple Edmonton photographer, who is far from a party organizer, lol. It was so much fun and I'm so happy we have these memories, especially now as we stay home keeping everyone safe.

Christy xoxo


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