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Berlyn & Ayla | Cherry Blossom Family photos in Edmonton

I've been thinking a lot about how long I've been photographing families now, and how many families I have been lucky enough to photograph multiple times over the years. The first time I photographed Shallen and Kevin was back in 2012! It was for their maternity photos when Shallen was pregnant with Berlyn. They then trusted me to photograph both of their little girls as newborn babies. In late May of last year, when the blossoms were on the trees in Edmonton, I met up with them for their fifth photo session with me. It's like meeting up with old friends. It's comfortable, and we have the opportunity to chat and catch up. I love seeing how much the girls have grown, and hearing all the things they are into. It makes our time together relaxed, and really allows me have fun, and create portraits that are uniquely them, and tell their story. They trust me, my process, and know their portraits will capture them , and I am eternally grateful for that. This time when we met there was a few interesting plot twists just to keep things interesting, and keep us on our toes. Let's see if you can guess what they are, I will tell you at the end ;)

So to start with just days before this session, we had to change locations because the blossom trees we had planned to use (the same ones we had photographed Shallen's second maternity session in front of) had been pruned and all of our blossoms were gone! Lucky for me a little scouting, and knowing the type of light to look for, I found this location and it was perfect!

Next, right as we met, before I had a chance to create a single image, one of the girls (I'll keep which one a secret ;)) fell and scraped her leg, and another's dress had a zipper malfunction! Needless to say, a extra candy during the photo session to keep those smiles going, and a little photoshop magic afterwards, and you would never know of our misadventures. That is why you trust and hire a professional, I'll take care of you ;)


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